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The Rules 

Everybody above 18+ is welcome at Coffeeshop Simpel Minds.

We like to keep it that way that's why we have the following rules;

  • Entering the Coffeeshop is only permitted for 18+

  • Identification is required (with Driving license, paspoort or ID-kaart.

  • In case of fake ID we contact the police.

  • We do not tolerate the reselling of our products to minors.

  • We respect our neighbors, so don't hang around the Coffeeshop.

  • It's not permitted to smoke inside the shop.

  • Possesion, dealing or using alcoho and harddrugs is forbidden.

  • We wondt serve you if you parked your car wrong,

  • Selling of illegal goods is forbidden..

  • Please clean your mess and don't make too much noise.

  • We do not tolerate aggression

  • Our staff has the right to refuse to serve a customer and check for ID.

  • We're surveilling the shop and surroundings 24 hrs per day, 7 days a week and will take strong measurements when our customers break the rules. If needed we will report it to the police.

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